What was jokingly called the 'Final Fantasy' version won out of the older silhouettes. Fleur would be a towering, 8 foot tall, 400lb  beastly pet that outgrew her owner's affections. Going from mythical lap dog to indentured servant, Fleur's instinctual aggression as a minotaur eventually comes out and she decides to break from her shackles and go on a rampage.    
 Started this character by drawing up some silhouettes. I stuck with 3 keywords for the character that would eventually be named Fleur Moelleux: Animalistic Minotaur Maid. Explored a lot of different body types from more human to beastly, even threw in a petite, cutesy sort of look at the end.
 Fleur was modeled on the low to hipoly pipeline. Blocked out in Maya, brought into Z-Brush for sculpt and initial texturing.   She was eventually brought back into Maya and textured further in Photoshop.
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